Talking about Learning is a website & blog that discusses topics of teaching and learning in new ways with the assistance of new technology, but never forgetting that learning happens through effective use of tech, not because of it.

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I have been working for the last 12 years in post–secondary education. I currently work as an Instructional Designer in the Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies at Royal Roads University.

My Master’s research examined strategies and successes in implementing social media in constructivist teaching practices. As is often said, today’s technology can support effective learning, but should never be confused for the pedagogy itself.

I have an extensive and varied background of over 25 years in visual communications, design and the graphic arts. I have a diverse set of skills, and enjoy strengths in typography, page layout, and production art. From the start of my career hand-setting letterpress type, to teaching Graphic Arts & Design at BCIT and Emily Carr University, I have enjoyed the privilege of designing, working with, (and teaching) some amazing, talented individuals.

For fun, if you’d like to read my (old) personal blog, go ahead, but I warn you, it’s A Load of Codswallop.

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