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Ken Jeffery

The dissonance of DataMan

A long time ago, when I was a child in school, I had trouble learning my times-tables. Back then, it was expected  that students would acquire this important life skill through rote memorization. And every student was expected to be able to recite the table up to 12×12. 144! I… Read More »The dissonance of DataMan

Social media in education

As part of my Masters Degree, I researched and wrote a paper on the use of social media technologies in teaching and learning. I looked specifically at how it might relate to constructivist teaching pedagogy, and specifically, if social media could be an effective tool for assisting students in knowledge… Read More »Social media in education

ETUG Conference 2014

The Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG) Spring Workshop just wrapped after two busy days at Langara College, Vancouver. It has become one of my favourite conferences because of the depth of experience that the participants bring, and the expertise that is shared amongst all. As we move away from being the ‘sage on… Read More »ETUG Conference 2014