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Ready to learn

This is the beginning of the online blog for Ken Jeffery, submitted for the residency component of the RRU MA in Learning and Technology, 2012.

Orientation, trepidation, acclimation.
Time to get to it. I’ve been in the midst of interviewing instructors for our Diploma program at the Institute, and although I had booked the time off, I had to go in to work on Monday to  interview our last potential candidate. With that done, I can now seriously tackle my studies. Spent most of the first day just orienting myself to the assignments, readings, and posts on the Moodle site, and finding an easy way to move articles and readings onto my iPad for easier reading.

Less trepidation, getting down to business.
I expect a busy six weeks, and am glad to have aligned some holiday time to be able to immerse myself in graduate-level studies. By the time I go back to teaching in late August, I expect I will have completed the first two courses of the program, including the two week residency. I have already exchanged posts with fellow classmates and faculty, and I look forward to meeting and working with these fine people as the program proceeds.

Critical self-reflection.
I am very interested in looking deeper into my own learning, in order to understand how it relates to teaching others. I expect to find that who I am at the front of the class relates to how I would like to be taught as a learner. For now, this sounds like it may be a very simplistic assumption, but I’m eager to see if this might be the case. Critical self-reflection, indeed!